Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (16-2)

Teaser Tuesday time once more, from Should be Reading. 

I complained to Houghton Mifflin that a reviewer in  discussing my book The Neutrino (my 70th) spoke of my "factory production". I said that made it sound as though I had batteries of writers slaving over typewriters with myself walking down the aisles, looking over shoulders and occasionally saying, "I'd put a comma in there if I were you."  

- Yours, Isaac Asimov: A Lifetime of Letters


  1. Fun teaser, sounds like it could be an interesting book. My teaser is up at Calico Contemplations.

  2. So far the excerpts are disappointingly short, but Asimov is as endearing as ever. I suspect I will enjoy it yet. :)

  3. very interesting teaser. nasty book reviewers!

    here's mine and a giveaway as well.


  4. Yes, very probing comments!

    My teaser:


  5. You could probably say that about Patterson books. Enjoy!
    My teaser is here Have a great week and happy reading.


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