Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Chosen Faith

Our Chosen Faith: An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism
© 1989 John A. Buehrens and the now late F. Forrester Church
195 pages

I've long been aware of the Unitarian Universalist church, ever since I read of a character in California Diaries mentioned having her mother's funeral held at a UU fellowhip. The UU church is closest to the ideal in my mind, and I dabble in the UU community online as best I can. I thought it would be interesting to read a book on Unitarian Universalism and found this one. This book is a straightforward introduction to the UU tradition: after very briefly explaining its history, the two authors each write essays about the themes present in its listed principles and sources -- The book is a bit dated in that it was written prior to the inclusion of "earth-centered traditions". The chapter on humanist teachings that warn against idolatries of the mind and spirit focused more on humanism's rationalism and less on its spirit, so to speak -- the celebration of human culture.

It was a fair read, but it seems to me there must be better introductions for those curious about Unitarian Universalism, even online.

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